The longest bus which is owned by Bali Driver Info, is a 45 seat this bus is you can rent by the day or by the hour to suit your needs.

Welcome to Bali and you are Joining together with Bali Driver Info, we are pleased you have selected a car rental service bureaus and proper bus rental in Bali is named Bali Driver. I Was Made Suarta born in Singaraja precisely in the Village of Jagaraga, has been in the world of tourism was almost more than 20 years with a variety of professions such as Tour Guide, driver of tourism, once the work is also in the restaurant as a waitress, and in 4 and 5 star hotels in Kuta . Now I am running a business car rental and a bus with Bali Driver Service, to facilitate tourism in Bali.

If you are already in Bali, but still there was no vehicle in use in Bali, do not worry Bali Driver Info ready to help you whenever you and your group need a vehicle, either a mini van or a large bus for such excursions, visits to government offices, wedding ceremonies, and other activities. Bali Driver Tour ready to provide service whenever you need a vehicle complete with Bali Driver who will faithfully take you to the place of destination. The driver we employ in Bali Driver Guide was so familiar about tourism in Bali, so our driver where you’re going to be able to speak English proficient and accompany you to the end destination safely.

Full Day Tour or Charter Bus 45 Seat max 10hrs U$D 210 Including petrol & Drivers

bus 45 seater

Service in Bali Driver Info, very complete ranging from small vehicles such as the Toyota Avanza, Suzuki APV, Toyota Innova, Kia Pregio, Isuzu Elf, until 25 seat bus, bus seat 35, and the longest bus seats 45 are also available. The vehicles we have are new, made average in 2010. You only have to choose a vehicle that fits for you and your group in Bali.

Bus 45 seater, it is very convenient for a big group excursion, because the interior is very spacious and elegantly equipped with air conditioning, if you come on vacation with Group or friends, Bali Driver Services is a service bureau that is right for you, with the friendliness and courtesy of Bali will give added value for your holiday in Bali. Bali Driver Tour also provides an opportunity for those of you who want to rent with hourly system, and every day for at least four hours including chauffeur hire and oils, if you rent an hour then it will remain in count four hours, this privilege if providing services in Bali Driver, do not be ashamed and afraid, just email or on the phone we are ready to meet you upon request.


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