nusaduabeach Nusa Dua Beach

Nusa Dua is a peninsula in South Bali well known as an enclave of high end hotels. Nusa Dua beach is more classy in comparison with other beaches in Bali, according to Bali Driver, the beach is suitable for swimming because the waves are not too large and gently sloping beaches. The place name Nusa […]

gegerbeach1 Geger Beach

Geger Beach was a refreshing beach to visit by Bali Driver, quiet, relaxing and beautiful. Long waves rolled into the sea from offshore and the beach club looked like a great place to unwind with a drink. Unfortunately there was not time and Uluwatu Temple beckoned. Geger Beach – Bali Driver Guide showing a virtual […]

tanjungbenoawatersport Tanjung Benoa Beach– Water sports in Bali

Bali Tanjung Benoa beach, or sometimes named Benoa harbour or Benoa headland is one of famous tourist beach on the Bali island. This Bali beach is located on the southeastern tip of the Bali Island and neighboring to Nusa Dua area, Bali Driver advise on the tourists when you are in Bali, do not forget […]

dreamlandbeach Dream Land Beach in Bali

Dreamland Beach has tender white sand and Bali Driver guarantee beach is cleaner than the beaches in the main tourist areas. It is fabulous to sit there and watch the wonderful surf and activity. Also the sunset is spectacular here. According to Bali Driver Tour Dreamland Beach is very romantic for young couple. Is one […]

gwk2 GWK (garuda wisnu kencana) Cultural Park Bali

Situated on a limestone escarp overlooking the South Bali tourist region, Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park showcases the art and culture of the Island of the Gods in the thick of dramatic natural backdrops and dazzling panoramic vistas,  Bali Driver leads you to visit Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park. Located fiften minutes from the international […]

kutabeach Kuta Beach Bali

Everything you Need to Know about Kuta Beach just context Bali Driver Guide Located on the western side of the island’s cramped isthmus, Kuta Beach is Bali’s most famous beach resort destination, Bali Driver already take tourists to Kuta beach is more than a hundred people, they say the average is very nice and attractive […]

bajrasandhi Denpasar City Tour

Denpasar City Tour is a distinctive tour to visit Denpasar town at present by Bali Driver with its local community activities. Some other places of interest are also visited on this Bali tour like Museum of Bali, Batik Center and traditional market where you will find the transaction voice among buyer and merchant with multifarious […]

sanurbeach Sanur Beach in Bali

Sanur beach tourism object belong to Sanur Village is a popular tourism objective in Bali therefore Bali Driver advised to visit here. Located in Denpasar area, Denpasar city, Bali island. For exactly on the east of Denpasar, about 6Km. You can get there by car or public transportation as well.Sanur beach bali is very famous […]

batik Tohpati Village Variety of Batik Colletion in Bali

Both in motif and in color-selection Bali Driver tries to introduce you to browse the craft of batik in Bali, Balinese Batiks are rather different from those in java (Solo, Yogya so on). The motifs of Balinese Batik are smaller, more complicated and rich in colour, being somewhat similar to those from Cirebon (Northern shore […]

orchid Kertha Langu Orchid Plantation in Bali

Kerta Langu is a new place for tourist allure and spare time in Bali, Bali Driver leads you to the orchid garden as an introduction to the addition of new attractions in Bali, it is located in east Denpasar city .just about 15 minutes drive from Denpasar and 35 minutes from Denpasar Ngurah Rai Airport […]

celuk With Bali Driver Watching Gold and silver Smiths at Work in Celuk Village Bali

With their increasing demand for silver handicrafts and it popularity in exporting-the Celuk Village could not fill this strong demand. That is why the surrounding villages now work as silver smith, then from that Bali Driver tries to invite you saw this craft in Celuk. This created many jobs for the villages and greatened their […]

woodcarving “Mas” Wood Carving Village Center

Mas village is a village special art of making sculpture from wood, although in Bali does not have a lot of wood, and most are still imported from outside of Bali. The Village of Mas located in the main road from Denpasar to Ubud and it can be reached from various of angle. If you’ve […]

batuan Batuan Temple and Painting

According Bali Driver Tour Pura Batuan is very strategic because it is located on the edge of the public road. Batuan Temple is a beautiful Hindu temple set in the middle of Batuan Village strategically located beside of the main road from Denpasar to Ubud. It is a local village temple and a part of […]

ubud What is “UBUD”

According to the observations Bali Driver Tour This is why the famous Ubud to foreign countries, to date a lot of visitors come to ubud just look around. Ubud is a town on the Indonesia island of Bali in Ubud District located amongst rice paddies and steep gorge in the central foothills of the Gianyar […]

elephant Bali Elephant Cave Temple

The temple of Goa Gajah is situated in the village of Bedulu, Blahbatuh district, in the regency of Gianyar. Only 26 Km from Denpasar, it is just a short drive from the beach resort of Sanur and Kuta. In addition to the temple are art shop and restaurants to meet for the needs of visitor.Around […]

gunungkawi Gunung Kawi Temple at Tampaksiring bali

Pura Gunung Kawi Temple Tampaksiring is located in Tampaksiring Area and not far from the Palace, the site of the archaic area of Tampaksiring mount kawi really broadly divided in two and separated by the River at Pakerisan River, as from found in 1920, this heritage keep on and note, there are two gorge, there […]

tampaksiring Tampaksiring Tirta Empul Temple

TampakSiring (Pura Tirta Empul) is a large temple a place of invocation Hindus and are sufficiently well known tourist attractions in Bali. Located in Gianyar Regency, North of the city of Gianyar and close to the city’s cultural Ubud. alongside from being a place of invocation,tampaksiring have two seemed the uniqueness that is not found […]

tegallalang Tegallalang Rice Paddy terraces

Tegallalang is one of the greatly well leading tourism something seen in Ubud that “must to visit”. Because it panorama is a exquisite place in the world. It offers a wide range of natural landscape, rice terraces are everywhere in this island, and I never bored of looking at the green steps over. Terasiring Ceking […]

sebatu Gunung Kawi Temple at Sebatu Village

Pura Gunung Kawi Sebatu is in Tampaksiring district that exists from Ubud to the north in 10km. It is not large so much, however, it is a tranquil temple to which surroundings were sealed by the forest. There is a fountain where the clear water that is called “Holy fountain” begins to spring in the […]

baturmuseum Batur Volcano museum

The Batur Volcano Museum, located in Penelokan, Mount Batur, Bali, Indonesia, glass case much treasures and secrets of the volcanic symptom. It’s distinct show instigate the visitors to find out more about the volcano which is crowded through panels, interactive games, computer simulations and film show. The museum is 10,000 square feet of fun and interactive learning […]

baturvolcano Kintamani Volcano and Batur Lake

The volcano is still subsist today as Balinese all over the island who still bear in mind the superb eruption of 1917 will endure witness. It claimed thousands of lives and destroyed hundreds of temples. Old people might tell you this was “the year when the world shook” Other eruptions have taken place since,compulsion the […]

coffeeplantation Luwak Coffee Plantation

Plant grown in smaller multitude include fruit, vegetables, Coffee Arabic and other cash and livelihood Plant. Fishing also provides a significant number of jobs. The Arabic coffee production region is the highland region of Kintamani near Mount Batur. mostly, Balinese coffee is processed using the wet method. This results in a sweet, soft coffee with […]

jagaraga Jagaraga “a Dead of the Temple”(Pura Dalem)

Jagaraga about tourist spots are also called Pura Dalem Jagaraga about. Pura is known for were incredible. engraving this temple narrate the life of Balinese community before and after the arrival of the Netherlands In mock relief this looks also among other things an aircraft which tumble into the sea, a vessel that was attacked […]

maduekarang Maduwe Karang Temple at Kubutambahan Village

The Pura Meduwe Karang be composed of three terraces rising one behind another – the outer court (jaba pura), the middle court (jaba tengah), the inner court (jeroan). Two stone steps preside to outer court, the front of which is decorated with numerous sandstone statues, some thirty-four in all, describe scenes from Ramayana. The centerpiece […]

puncakpenulisan Puncak Penulisan Temple at Sukawana Village

Cold Stone this impious fellow body that afternoon, in the region of Kintamani. Mist began to fall, couver trees. A rider on a motorcycle heading towards the East, Tejakula, Buleleng stopped on the right road to Village-Singaraja-Kintamani Sukawana. The woman who fell quiescent for a moment, before finally heading for the shrine on the right […]

gitgitwaterfall Gitgit Waterfall at Singaraja Bali

Gitgit Water Fall is an exceptional waterfall from height hill which is surround by fertile rain forest plantation. This waterfall is situated in the wildwood of forest, fresh atmosphere with picturesque panorama of rice terrace are presenting on the way to this waterfall. Bali Gitgit waterfall is in the table land area with the height […]

baturtemple Batur Temple at Kintamani Bali

The temple faced west ward where Mount Batur and remains of its tamped black lavas serve as backdrop and Lake Batur stretches far down the slope, enhanced the beauty of nature around the temple. Batur Temple or as usual called Ulun Danu Temple is situated at 900 meters above level of Kalanganyar Batur village Kintamani […]