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Bali Driver Info is a team of professional Bali driver and tour guides. We have over 27 years (twenty seven since 1994-until now) experience helping make our client travel to Bali an amazing experience that they will never forget. As many people know, Bali island is a real world tourist destination for many traveler when they vacation to Indonesia.

We invite you to look the best of this island. Bali Driver Info likes to help teach all of our customers Bali’s famous temples and palaces, its mystical religious ceremonies, its beaches and rice terraces, art and culture, the people, and also the foods. We offer friendly English speaking Bali driver and tour guides that will ensure your trip to Bali is completely hassle free and you will learn valuable information on local culture and its people’s way of life. Each of our tours is organized according to your specific need and requirements.

Our tours offer a range of the best sights to see and places to visit in Bali, you can book a either a half day, full day or evening tour or if you have more time you can book a selection of tours.

Car Charter with Bali Driver

Bali DriverNow no need to hesitate anymore with, with decades of experience in tourism could provide the service more than other companies. Wherever you go, Bali driver ready to take wherever you go, a driver with a vengeance and joy will take you to the place beautiful and attractive places in Bali, Indonesia.

Bali is an island that is global and very famous throughout the world as a tourist destination. That is why when you come to the island without visiting attractions that exist will not feel you’ve been to Bali before. To expedite your trip, we of ready to provide any kind of type of fleet you need during your vacation. We rent a car with a Bali driver who is experienced in the field of tourism in Bali, with a friendly driver will address the road and drive you object to the object of interest in paradise island. Wherever you go our driver happily friendly and will take the place of your destination and to take the place of the original with a secure and safe.


This year’s Nyepi Day falls on March 22, 2023. Hindus in Bali celebrate the Caka New Year 1945. Hindus in Bali will fast for 24 hours, from the morning of the 22nd at 06:00 before sunrise until tomorrow, 23 in the morning at 06.00 :00 am called “ngembak geni”. During fasting in Bali, Hindus perform “catur brata penyepian” Such as:



Bali Car Charter Price



Toyota Avanza
Capacity 4
USD 60 (Driver & Petrol)


Suzuki APV
Capacity 5
USD 60 (Driver & Petrol)

Toyota Innova
Capacity 6
USD 75 (Driver & Petrol)

HiAce Commuter
Capacity 8
USD 95 (Driver & Petrol)


Isuzu Elf
Capacity 11
USD 80 (Driver & Petrol)

bus 25

Small Bus 25 seats
Capacity 25
USD 160 (Driver & Petrol)

Medium Bus 35 seats
Capacity 35
USD 200 (Driver & Petrol)

Longest Bus 45 seats
Capacity 45
USD 250 Driver & Petrol)

Reasons for chartering services with Bali Driver Info

  • Difficult to find a suitable tour package or desired trip not offered by any of the tour operators.
  • When shopping or browsing around in certain areas may be difficult to catch a cab.
  • Some hotels are not convenient to business and shopping areas.
  • No worries about the time when you see the objects around Bali and No worries about the heat, fatigue from the sun, and shopping baggage.
  • More effective time consumption, reducing long waits for pick-up or cab.
  • Reduce tiredness caused by walking from one place to another and a long day outing.
  • Last day check out and transfer to airport combined with last minute shopping provide efficient time management on your vacation
  • Free use of the services, for shopping, transport, and so on.
  • Government-approved personal driver guide ready to take care of all your needs.

Bali is an island Paradise, so many local and foreign tourists coming to this island for a journey, holiday, honeymoon, and others. To simplify the trip, supply a rental car including Bali driver, the car that we provide nearly new with a driver who has decades of experience in the field of tourism, and the driver can speak English well to accompany you as long as you join with us.

Let us be part of your holiday you will love Bali as much as we do. So what are you waiting for? Contact Bali Driver Info right now and getting booking our tours today!


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