By Bali Driver Service, parasailing is water sport that requires more courage and strong guts, because you will be hanging under a parachute with a rope to a height of 100 meters, from the top you will see a beautiful sight from a height of 100 meters.

Bali really a small island, but the harmonious tone that is breathless by its realm and people dynamic life makes every corner in Bali is unique attraction worth an appreciation. Bali Driver ready to give the game a very in enjoy doing by travelers who come to Bali.

To ensures that Bali will always be an astonishing tourist attraction, in addition to the nature and culture attractions Bali also provides a water sport attraction that can be done at Nusa Dua Beach and mainly Tanjung Benoa Beach . Bali Driver Guide offering water sport on tourists who like a challenge and fun, after arriving at the Tanjung Benoa beach will all be able to eliminate the daily routine with a full day of fun. This beach is featured by white sandy beach and soothe seawater that ideally for marine sport activities.



Bali Driver Services provides comprehensive range of marine activities with great challenges, exciting and designed full of fun. It is offers variety of water activities from motorizes until non-motorize one and bring you to never-to-be-forgotten experience to enjoy fun activities in the beach or in the ocean.

Bali Driver Info giving the grotesque experience marine adventures for everyone who desires to enjoy the exciting water recreations such as: Parasailing, and package of marine sport with competitive rates. To keep guest comfortable all activities are ensured by high quality safety equipment and medical insurance. Just enjoy the exciting water sport activities of your choice.

Parasailing game is a combination of the pull of the boat and the wind blowing so the parachute and can fly up hanging above the white clouds in the sky, if you’ve joined the Bali Driver info then you can feel this sensation when trying this game.



Bali Driver Service test your guts to fly with parachute, Parasailing is one of recreational activities in Bali, where you will towed behind a motorized boat while attached by tow cord to a special designed parachute, known as a parasail. The boat then drives off, carrying you into the air. Since you have a little or no control over the parachute, just hang on and open your bird eye to overview amazing view of the circumlocutory area of the island from the sky.

This activity is primarily an entertainment ride and will bring you to the exciting experience by thole yourself in sky-borne for a second and you will get free to enjoy the astonishing view of the island from the over head. Beautiful scenery of the sea water is easily found by flying like a bird with more then 100 meter up makes this activity greatly never-to-be-forgotten memory in your life. It is easy, you can get parasailing adventure right now as your choice during your vacation in Bali island with the trained professionals instructor that commanded by Bali Driver service.


  • A One round flying (Parasailing)
  • Safety equipment
  • Short safety briefing
  • Medical insurance
  • Free using locker by Bali Driver Info.

What to Bring according to Bali Driver :

Swimsuit, changing clothes, towel, hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, sandal, camera, cash for own consumption.

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