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Denpasar city tour is a visit to the city of Denpasar, either to market traditional, Jagat Natha Temple, Bajra Sandhi struggle museum, all is in initiated by Bali Driver Info to know better the city of Denpasar both population and its traditions

Denpasar Tour Package is a tour package to visit Denpasar town with it typical and variation of local culture life combines with the traditional Balinese traditions activities. This tour is very appealing that you can see closely the real Balinese urban with their social life and traditional cultures Tour to town very rarely interest by tourists, for fear of congestion and noise of the city atmosphere, but Bali Driver pack neatly city tour to make it more comfortable and enjoyable. Places of interest that you will visit are traditional market, Jagatnata Temple, Bali Museum and Bajra Sandhi obelisk. Your tour will be enjoyable and accompanied by our Bali Driver and expert tour guide with private full air-conditioning car transfer and Bali driver.

What is the tour about? And why Bali Driver Guide invites you to visit the city of Denpasar, you will understand once you join us.

The tour is started from pick you up at the hotel lobby and drop to the Balinese traditional market to see the Balinese activities side in their traditional market this tour is held by Bali Driver Info to find out closer to the Balinese community activities both in traditional markets as well as in the event the family temple. Subsequently the trip is continued to see the Jagatnatha Temple (the biggest temple in Denpasar town) and beside of the temple you may visit the Bali obelisk (on opening time only) or you may visit the Bajra Sandhi obelisk where this place to respect the Balinese Society Struggle. Your last destination is visiting the property Island where you can see the Balinese culture activities like Balinese cooking, Balinese game, gamelan practicing, Batik Painting etc.


The Places of Interest will be visited on Denpasar City Tour

I as a worker in tourism, and under Bali Driver Services deems it necessary to introduce Traditional Markets in Bali particularly those close to attractions in Denpasar

Traditional market at Denpasar town is called Pasar Badung where is the hub activities of seller and buyer with the variety of daily life need, Bali Driver Service deliberately take you to the traditional markets in order to know and understand about the traditional market in Bali. You can see closely the Balinese doing transaction among them and local material that support their life. This market is located in the center of Denpasar town and opened within 24 hours with several of selling activities.


Jagatnatha Temple is a place of public worship of Denpasar, At the time of the feast of all the Hindu temples jagtnatha flock to flock, where the Bali Driver Tour wants to show how where people of Bali are grateful to the creator.

This temple is very magnificent with full of Balinese ornament decorates on each temple building from the entrance gate until the main temple building, Bali Driver Guide presents any tourists who want to visit the largest temple in Denpasar, named Pura Jagat Natha. Proper to this temple, there is a big courtyard with beautiful tropical garden. There is high temple building in the center of temple area that is the main temple where is used to pray to the god by Balinese Hindu. Jagatnatha Temple.



Bali museum is a picture of the past that the public needs to know by now that history is not forgotten with known relics of the past. Bali Driver Services is accidentally invited to the museum to learn more about the history of human civilization antiquity

Bali Museum is collecting the archaic and climacteric item from Denpasar surrounding area, Bali Driver Services introduce the museum to find relics of antiquity and previous human creativity. All of the collection in this museum is the climacteric omissions and inheritance from the former era . This museum is just the next door from the Jagatnata Temple and you can visit to this place on the opening time only. If the museum is closed, the trip will be connected to Art Center to see the biggest theater that is usually used to present the Balinese traditional performance.


Bajra Sandhi monument is one of Balinese struggle to uphold Indonesia Nations in general and Bali in particular, with the spirit of this struggle Bali Driver Guide arrange tour packages to visit this monument.

In this obelisk you will see the beautiful obelisk building that is used to honor the struggle attempt from the Balinese to keep maintain the strong culture. Bali Driver Info travelers proof to show that the results of the struggle of the people of antiquity bali so the community can now enjoy it. In front of the obelisk, there is a big courtyard and Bali Governor office. This obelisk is strategically located in east side of Denpasar town where the government official offices are located. Banjra Sandhi obelisk.


Visiting Bali is not spared of the Culture and customs of Bali, Bali Driver Info allow travelers to get to know the people of Bali more depth, both hospi-hearted, customs, social life, culture, and creativity as well as mutual aid that are well known to the whole world.

In this place, you will see several Balinese culture activities like dance lesson, gamelan lesson, offering making, Balinese food cooking and other attractions. Bali Driver Guide offered to tourists that actitivates bali everyday people like this, this was the description of daily activities the community.This place is located in Sanur, eastern part of Denpasar Bali that is offering a different experience on your tour in Bali




  • 07:30 – Pick up at the hotel
  • 08.30 – Visit Denpasar Traditional Market
  • 09.00 – Visit Jagatnata Temple
  • 09.30 – Visit Museum/Art Center
  • 10.30 – Visit Bajra Shandi Monument
  • 11.00 – Visit Balinese Culture Activities
  • 12.00 – Back to hotel
  • 12.30 – Arrive at hotel

PRICE: US$60net/person minimum of 2 people,
Single Traveler: US$ 120 net/person

Rates Included:

  • Transfers from/to hotel by air conditioned vehicle.
  • English/Japanese speaking tour guide.
  • Admission fees, donation.
  • Parking fees.
  • Meal specified on tour itinerary.

Remarks :

  • All prices are net per person
  • Children aged from 3-7years old
  • Other personal expenses are not included and will be on personal account rules of Bali Driver Info.

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