Bali Sea Walker

The game is much easier than on a dive, because oxygen is channeled from the surface of the water using a hose that is connected to the existing pontoon above, according Bali Tour Driver is easier for divers because not bother anymore to carry oxygen tube under the sea.

A safe and fascinating underwater adventure, Sea walker specific diving system Bali Driver confidently introduce sea walker again, for you can try this activity in Tanjung Benoa. Early Morning provides an occasion to observe underwater world to a depth of 15 feet without problem. Early Mornings, and without getting their hair wet.

You will really walk on bottom, somewhat than swim, while numerous exotic fish and sea life go about their rituals. You will have 25 minutes of absolute underwater walk time to a maximum depth of 15 feet.

Have you ever wondered what walking at the bottom of the ocean feels like? Now, for the first time in Bali you can do it with guidance Bali Driver service. You can walk right thru bottom of ocean and look on the sea life in person! Our unique diving system. Early Morning will take you down under the sea.


bali sea walker in tanjung benoa nusa dua

A Sea walker safety lesson before dive cover up hand signals, Early Morning emergency procedures, clearing ears, and so on is included. Instructions available in Japanese or English.

Tour time by Bali Driver Guide :

roughly 3 to 4 hours from pick up to drop off .If you have your own underwater camera, camera should be good for depth up to 8 meters. Quick click marine camera is available to rent.

Ear equalization test by Bali Driver Services:

Pinch your nose with your thumb and fore finger.
Close your mouth and to blow through your nose.
You will feel your ears popping, just like when you are in an airplane.
If this happens, then you are ready for Sea walker.

If you have cold, you may not be able to equalize your ears. If it happens, for some reason, all your payment for Sea Walker participation will be refunded.

Seawalker rate formulated by Bali Driver Services

USD 70/Adult

USD 60/Child


Validity 31 March 2023
Rates are subject to change without prior notice
Adult : 12-80 years old
Child : 9-11 years old

All Price includes by Bali Driver:

  • Fully air conditioned hotel transfer
  • Refreshment
  • Seawalker helmet
  • Professional guides with detailed knowledge of customer safety requirements and the environment
  • Booties, Knee pad prepared by Bali Driver Info.

What to bring set by Bali Driver:

  1. A hat and sunscreen
  2. A towel and Swimming custome
  3. Money or credit card for drinks and souvenirs
  4. Camera recommend by Bali Driver Tour

Contact Bali Driver
Cell/WhatsApp: + 62 878 6027 2089
Head leader of group : Made Suarta


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