Batur Volcano museum

The Batur Volcano Museum, located in Penelokan, Mount Batur, Bali, Indonesia, glass case much treasures and secrets of the volcanic symptom. It’s distinct show instigate the visitors to find out more about the volcano which is crowded through panels, interactive games, computer simulations and film show. The museum is 10,000 square feet of fun and interactive learning for children and adults.


The first floor has a lot of interactive show that unfortunately no longer works. There are models of Lake Batur,concurrently with the Volcano peaks. “It is too moist. The models won’t last long even after we fix it”, our guide staff told us. To offset for the broken model, some computers provide an interactive way for those who want to learn more about history of the lake and about volcanic eruption.
The big interactive world map and map of Indonesia that fill one of the wall is sufficiently cool, and among the exhibit that still works. The map, has a small light, which is controlled by a console in front of each map. The button in the console is marked with name of the volcano. When you push the button, the light of the mountain will lit up. The world map even have several categories of volcano which will trigger few mountain under the category.


n according to an implementation of these functions, the Batur Volcano Museum become a center for development of understanding, preceptorial, recreational and interactive discovery of the exceptional world of volcanoes. Both as actor and viewer, visitor will experiences planetary dynamics, the multiple aspect of volcanism and volcano-related phenomena.
As an implementation of its development concepts, the volcano museum may be the exhibition centre holds many property and secretes of the volcanic phenomena.

A detailed exploration of the exhibition displayed through panels, static and even dynamics scale models, interactive and animated computer basis, and film-show. The Batur Volcano Museum, which is the first volcano Museum in Indonesia, will be, “Volcano Talks”, your first contact with the wonderful world of volcanoes.
The rest of the wall is filled with the story of Mount Batur, the eruption, and the village surrounding the lake. A wide-scale volcanic eruption blast the mountain in the prehistoric time. Soon, a new peak appear, and another wide-scale blast forms the lake and the current 2 active peaks. Mount Batur still from time to time become active to a lesser degree.


Sideways from the models, Batur Volcano Museum also features various volcano rocks. Most of the rocks come from Mount Batur, and Mount Agung nearby, even though there are some few who come from other part of Indonesia and the world. On the 2nd floor, it is clarify that the volcano rock is carved into statue, something that Balinese are fond of.
We ended our journey at the telescope on the 3rd floor. This floor is part of the research station that is also monitoring the volcanic activity of Mount Batur. The telescope view to Lake Batur and the volcanic part of the mountain. We can see smoke coming from the shoulder of Mount Batur, palpably showing that the mountain is still active. Time will tell if Mount Batur will ever show its might once again.
In the modern time, the museum means a place where collect and care for objects of scientific, artistic, or historical importance and make them available for public viewing through exhibits that may be permanent or temporary. museums offer programs and activities for a range of audiences, including adults, children, and families, as well as those for more specific professions. Programs for the public may consist of lectures or tutorials by the museum faculty or field experts, films, musical or dance performances, and technology demonstrations.


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