Jagaraga about tourist spots are also called Pura Dalem Jagaraga about. Pura is known for were incredible. engraving this temple narrate the life of Balinese community before and after the arrival of the Netherlands In mock relief this looks also among other things an aircraft which tumble into the sea, a vessel that was attacked by a sea monster and a car with mighty ones who might tell the life of the Netherlands in that era. In addition it can be encountered also Carving depicting Balinese mythology, such as the witch Rangda is bad in the mythology of Bali.


As it is known to many people that Bali is headquartered in a building or a place of adore To Hindus in Bali because the plethora of the population are Hindu. hence, nearly all religious buildings in Bali this can handily be found. Incalculable assuredly how many temple in Bali. Each mock surely has its profit and its appeal in their own right, especially for tourists both domestic and foreign.

Pura Dalem Temple Jagaraga about is one that is filled with an attraction for tourists who visit it. This temple is one of the Three Celestial Temple Jagaraga about environments which generally have character in common with other Pura Dalem in Bali such as its location close to the cemetery, has ornaments-faced statues and awful tremendous among his famous Betara Durga.


Some uniqueness could look in this environment have Mock Jagaraga about bas-reliefs on the walls of the front on the outside of this environment, where in mock relief depicting the hostilities that the airplane’s ancient model, armed foray, boat, people who were drinking beer. Also palpably not less Interestingly is the statue of Branyut, i.e. Downloading folktale which is quite depicting famous families who have a child too much and depict downs this old man full of jocularity.

But even though have started much visited by tourists this mock environment is not yet available the amenities built for tourist special. The road in front of the environment to be used while the parking lot for tourists who visit this mock environment. This is the kind of goods that is fundamental in bolster and infrastructure for tourists who need to quickly built so that those who come can come with comfortable, interested, so that ultimately generate in a cash income location tours-religion.



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