Cold Stone this impious fellow body that afternoon, in the region of Kintamani. Mist began to fall, couver trees. A rider on a motorcycle heading towards the East, Tejakula, Buleleng stopped on the right road to Village-Singaraja-Kintamani Sukawana.

The woman who fell quiescent for a moment, before finally heading for the shrine on the right path. That Is The Peak Panulisan Mock. “We are accustomed to when returning to Kintamani, Buleleng passing stop over here,” said Luh Putu Agustini, mother of two daughters of the Pacung Village, Tejakula.


Pura Pucak Panulisan, Sukawana village, Kintamani Bangli, frankly often approached people. Not restricted to people of Bali, also we see foreign visiting Bali. The sanctum is located approximately 70 km from Denpasar has a variety of calls. There was named Pura Panarajon, there was also named the Pura Tegeh Koripan. Due to its location on the Hill of Panulisan, those were mostly called Pura Pucak Panulisan.

Elaborate of this temple complex overlooking the southern, except feign the main leading to the West. On the main page (offal) linger linger of stored-up to Ancient prehistoric Bali. Rests of structures, it has a blend of two mock draft. The first of the Megalithic period reflected by the concept of sacred mountains and realized from the appearance of the building of the pyramid, its terraced patio. The second concept is reflected in the Sapta Loka, it appears from the structure of levels, consists of seven main terrace levels associated children. On the third level, namely at the level of Swah Loka, there are two small palinggih, Pura Pura Taman Funds and Funds. On the fourth level, the Maya Loka, on the East side of the road, Pura Penyarikan, placed the Queen and to the West lies the family cult Dadya Bujangga. The sixth level, Tapa Loka, stands to be the Queen of Daha. As for the seventh level (Sunya Loka) Pura Tegeh Koripan pucak is. Here are palinggih pangaruman, piyasan, as well as for storing objects gedong-Antiquities.

Unclear, when in fact this mock started construction. The research team Udayana University feign it in 1992 was to be assured the early history of the founding of pura. Ancient objects stored there none explain about the early history of the founding of this temple, including the name of Panarajon or Koripan. The researchers deduce only in common word pucak,, and panarajon the tegeh called comes from the word “tuju” meaning high.

A-1 Sukawana inscription dated Saka 804 (882 M) that have read any valued archaeologist R Goris provides certitude about Pura Pucak Panulisan. This epigraph is indeed mentioned that on the Hill the Cintamani stone (Kintamani) there is a sacred building named Ulan less attention and is often made a sojourn place, resting on behalf of children (the pengalu). The building gets special attention, at that time ruler of Bali and then on to the present Senāpati Danda Kumpi Marodaya assisted by several friar, namely Siwakangcita, Siwanirmmala, and Siwaprajna to rebuild the shrine.


In the book the State pretend in Bali, also offend to the attendance of Goris Pura Pucak Panulisan. Netherlands scientists who died in Bali, this centers the Kingdom at the time mentioning Bali Kuna is located in Bedulu, Pejeng. As Pura and early assault Panataran Hindu lives in Bali, the Pura Penataran Sasih Goris pointing at Intaran, Pejeng, Gianyar. The Holy Spirit mock worship an ancestor is Panulisan, in the Pura Pucak, Kintamani Bangli, whereas as a mock sea likely located in the village of Pejeng is Pura Puser Lake.

View a location on a hill with a mock systematics terrace coupled with the megalithic remains of a pyramid, can reputedly stronger than it used to be the place of worship for the residents of the villages of Kintamani Bali Aga, other than as a place of worship of ancestral spirits, notably the ancient kings of Bali. This is attested by statues, such as the Arca Bhatari embodiment of Barren which is an embodiment of King Anak Wungsu. “There are a variety of stories related to the existence of Pura Pucak Panulisan. But I haven’t gotten the certitude which is right, “take apart Jero Kubayan, Kubayan in Pura Kiwa Pucak Panulisan.

There’s never been that connects the existence of this temple with a Temple in Tabanan Batukaru. reputedly, Ida Panulisan with God in Pura Pucak Batukaru brothers. Originally built in Celestial sad Pucak Sukawana, upon completion of the new building in Panulisan Pucak Batukaru. In the second temple on the highest spiritual authority was indeed held “officials” called Jero Kubayan. Including the big ceremony takes place, not using a priest or sulinggih like in some mock sad kahyangan in Bali.

Pura Pucak Panulisan special in there are two Kubayan, namely Kubayan and Kubayan Mucuk Kiwa. Both of them are in charge of delivering a worship service manners utilize. Jero Kubayan has a cleaver was used as a weapon in the form of the ngendag tool, start cutting time held a ceremony Nov. When using spells, utilize bakti called puja sana.


In the structure of societal Sukawana, called apad, ulu kubayan is the highest Office. Underneath there are manners, naka, panglanan, nyingguk and kabau. Office of community and kubayan selected only edit if in question already had kumpi (great-grandson). If you do not, an area where such Kubayan now, kubayan Kiwa will be held until he died. They had no luputan (dispensation), special exception when pamadegan, the inauguration is completely so niskala, the responsibility of the villagers Sukawana.

Statue of the God in Pucak Panulisan Ida is now stored in the Pura Agung Bale, in Meru Sukawana Five Overlapping. This step is not taken off from efforts to forestall the occurrence of thievery manners Sukawana, given the location of the temple are usually associated with citizens very far apart. “After our citizens in mohonkan niskala before Ida Batara, allowed the village housed in Sukawana,” added Jero Kubayan Wife Kiwa.

This will lead to the statues of Pura Pucak saban ten years ago, when held the ceremony of pacaruan proximity to four Buffalo and a deer. Ida stanakan in God in pangaruman. As every year, to coincide with the full moon, just held the ceremony Kapat multilevel alit, simple, with animal sacrifices a deer and Buffalo. In charge of all activities of the ceremony is the citizens amulet gebug. Is politically subdivided into 200 heads of families (KK) of Kintamani, Sukawana, Selulung 200, 200 and 200 Bantang Village. Each member owns some gebug domas village when collected in total reach 30 villages. As a pamucuk, in charge of the nucleus, remains manners Sukawana Village. While there is a shortage of means is they who completes the ceremony.

First, when the ceremony only proximity to deer, charge enough of citizen Sukawana. Another village just pray. When the big ten years ceremony was only citizens amulet gebug down all.Since the 1950s there have been shifts. Perhaps because of the growing sense of filial piety of thick plus the eagerness for responsible high-gain, the Kawi temple celebration every time there is a Kawi temple celebration in Pura Pucak krama gebung domas get embroiled directly. They brought out the donation Fund and rerampe-reramon adapted to the wealth of the village successively. The village of Selulung, for instance, many have a bamboo, then for the community harness bamboo.


First, call the Jero Kubayan Kiwa, Kawi temple celebration held each year only harness a deer. Since the 1950 ‘s besides deer also sacrificed a Buffalo. “It is okay as long as it is full of reliance and in accordance with their capabilities. Do not let the ceremony with a substantial sacrifice is precisely the belief in the greatness of Hyang Widhi SAG. Would it be useless, “Jero Kubayan alert.

When the ceremony is also held four ceremonies ngebo pakelem duck, chicken and white in Pura Pucak Panulisan white. Duck necklace features a bronze money, whereas chicken pieces 22 11 copies. Duck neck also necklace letter stating the village guardian Ida Batara Sukawana execute nyatur advance. Pakelem carried out in front of the palinggih, in a special place in the form of mortar. “There are times when a mortar holes visible, sometimes not. Although small, but could hold all the means which will be pakelem ceremonies. It’s difficult to digest good sense, indeed, “said Kubayan Kiwa. I Wayan Sucipta


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