TampakSiring (Pura Tirta Empul) is a large temple a place of invocation Hindus and are sufficiently well known tourist attractions in Bali. Located in Gianyar Regency, North of the city of Gianyar and close to the city’s cultural Ubud. alongside from being a place of invocation,tampaksiring have two seemed the uniqueness that is not found other where.

One of these is the Palace of the President of the Republic of Indonesia and the other is the wellspring of land situated in the area of the temple. The first place generally become tourist attraction especially for domestic tourists, while the second is generally visited to perform the pelukatan (self cleaning) for religious rituals.


The Tirta Empul Temple includes the traditional Balinese split gate along with sanctum to Shiva, Vishnu, Braham, Mt. Batur, and Indra. There is also a large open pavilion in the main courtyard, useful for relaxing in the shade. But the main attraction here is a long rectangular pool carved of stone, filled with koi and fed by the sacred spring via 12 fountains. Devotee first make an offering at the temple, then climb into the main pool to bathe and pray. Many collect the holy water in bottles to take home. Nearby there are two smaller pools fed by the spring.Overlooking the temple on a hill above is a in amazement modern building: the Government Palace, built in 1954. Originally a residence for Dutch officials, it was later used by quondam President Soekarno during his frequent trips to Bali.Pura Tirta Empul is located in the village of Tampak Siring, accessible by public transportation from Ubud. The souvenir stands outside the temple specialize in the local craft, carved bone jewelry.

For the first one, may have already heard, that the fortress was built by the late President. TampakSiring First Republic of Indonesia, Soekarno. Layout of the Palace there is a small hill in height and can look down towards the temple TampakSiring. The actual state of affairs like this where there are ostensibly under the resting place, it is really seldom found in Bali, because usually it’s always a little sanctum on top of residential buildings. But according to the story, President Soekarno, very pleased to see the baptismal scene around pura Tirta Empul, so he decided to build a vacation. TampakSiring Presidential Palace, now quite often used for meetings of the Union by President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono.

For a second thing, which is in the area of pura Tirta Empul, there is a new spring of groundwater, which released water which nodes once, and until now the water of these Springs, streamed toward (front area) From pura, normally used as a place for pelukatan (self cleaning) before worshiping at the temple. Generally every full moon (full moon), Tilem (dead Moon), hari raya Galungan, religious, such as Kuningan, Pagerwesi and others, many Hindus who do pelukatan and worshiping in pura Tirta


The Legend of Tirta Empul

The name was taken from two pieces of Tampaksiring words suffixed with-Bali, i.e. Tampak (which means ‘ the trail ‘) and siring (meaning ‘ slanted ‘). According to a legend recorded in the Kintamani, Bali leaves expulsion, it stems from the former name of the soles of the feet of a king named Mayadenawa. This clever and King of the Galaxy, but is angkara wrath. He considers himself a God and told his people to worship him. As a result of the attitudes of Lord Indra Mayadenawa, angry and sends his hosts to destroy. However, Mayadenawa ran in the jungle. In order for the pursuers lost track, he goes with his Palm to tilt. In doing so he hopes that the pursuer does not recognize that the trail it is a human footprint left behind, traces of Mayadenawa, Mayadenawa failed.

Finally he was seized by the chaser. However, before that, with the remnants of the accounts he managed to create toxic water caused many deaths for their chaser after they drank water from the created spring. The God Indra has created other Springs as the bidder to the toxic water. The bidder to poison water named Tirta Empul (pronounced ‘ airsuci ‘).

Forested areas crossed King Mayadenawa with walking on legs which are slant that’s the area was known by the name of Tampaksiring. Tampaksiring has several sights that are well known by foreign tourists as well as domestic, as for the object are: domestic tourists remained within the subdistrict with 8 village is known because there’s a Presidential Palace. But behold, with an area of 42,63 sq Km is having lots of tourist objects which are already well known worldwide.


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