Dream Land Beach in Bali

Dreamland Beach has tender white sand and Bali Driver guarantee beach is cleaner than the beaches in the main tourist areas. It is fabulous to sit there and watch the wonderful surf and activity. Also the sunset is spectacular here.


According to Bali Driver Tour Dreamland Beach is very romantic for young couple.

Is one of the most beautiful beaches in Bali, Bali Driver Services often take guests here during the afternoon while watching the sunset . It is located in the Southern Peninsular of Bali, south of Bali airport and about 30 minutes from Kuta Center. Dreamland Beach is also known as New Kuta Beach but don,t be fooled by the name. This is not anywhere near the busy Kuta Center where the famous Kuta Beach is. It is located near Jimbaran, next to a resort area known as Pecatu Indah Resort South of Bali airport.

To enjoy the beach, it is best if you stay in the area as it is not within walking distance from Kuta Center. Ponder spending a night or two at the Best Western New Kuta Condotel just a few minutes from the beach.

The best session for surfing at Dreamland Beach is during dry season. It is because the wind flow from the southeast to the west therefore it could create the great wave even barrel. This season is very much love by the surfer when go for surfing at this surfing point where the wave is powerful and big but mutable.


dream land beach at pecatu village

This beach is very appealing for tourist including the surfers offering the elegant, serenity and spectacular sunset view that invent the romantic nuance that make it as one of the place many visited by tourist every day. Bali Driver Info advise if you come here to wear sunglasses to avoid glare. Dreamland Beach is located in strategic region of Pecatu Graha, the huge area of luxurious residences, hotels, villas, world-class golf course (New Kuta Golf), water fun game and more that finally make this beach is progressively popular.

The advantages of this beach are great and powerful wave that make it as one of the most demanded surfing points in Bali Island by the experience until professional surfers. You will be greatly easy to locate the public facilities at this surfing point like restaurant and accommodations. This beach is also appropriate for family holidays where you can do unwind at the beach while enjoying the warm tropical atmosphere.




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