Tanjung Benoa Beach– Water sports in Bali

Bali Tanjung Benoa beach, or sometimes named Benoa harbour or Benoa headland is one of famous tourist beach on the Bali island. This Bali beach is located on the southeastern tip of the Bali Island and neighboring to Nusa Dua area, Bali Driver advise on the tourists when you are in Bali, do not forget to visit the Tanjung Benoa Beach . It takes about 20 minutes from airport, 35 minutes from Kuta beach, and about 40 minutes from Sanur area. As talked-about above, Bali Tanjung Benoa beach has a kind of water sport.

Parasailing is a game that uses a large parachute and then pulled by the ship. Snorkeling and diving activity are also popular because the Benoa underwater is rich in coral reefs and sundry kinds of fish. You can ride Jetski around the sea too. There are also Glass bottom boats which you can use to see the beauty of sea floor from boat, visitors also possible to feed the fish and visit the turtle breeding. Program this water sport in Tanjung Benoa is an excellent program and the much visited by tourists, in Bali Driver Guide.


tanjung benoa nusa dua water sport parasailing

Right at the tip of the peninsula is the quiet port of Tanjung Benoa, with its village like alleyways and rows of traditional fishing boats and yachts. Offshore Turtle Island is the site of a sacred sea temple. Tanjung Benoa has something for everyone -especially if we are a water sport fun, such as snorkeling, diving, windsurfing, water skiing, power boats, banana boats, jet sky, banana boat, scuba diving, flying fish, snorkling, and reef fishing. What waiting for let with Bali Driver Services will guarantee all in fun and happy.
Tanjung Benoa is located at the southeastern tip of Bali island and neighboring to the area of Nusa Dua. Can be reached within 35 minutes from Kuta, 40 minutes from Sanur and 20 minutes from Ngurah Rai Airport.



Bali is not only leading for its civilization and natural beauty. Not too just because of the beach. Bali Driver Info also offers a type of activities or games that are exciting and fun to try. Tanjung Benoa into a place that is impeccable for water sport activities or water sports. The beaches in this area is very quiet different from Kuta, Sanur or Uluwatu making this area as the only place for this fun games.

Water sports can be enjoyed such as jetski, parasailing, banana boat, scuba diving, snorkeling, Glass bottom plus a visit to Turtle Island and Flying Fish. Activity generally begins in the morning around 8 a’clock to 2 pm, because after that the water will tide and you cannot enjoy the games anymore because boat cannot be used.

Tanjung Benoa water sport is safe for children and adults. In adjunct, all packages include water sport insurance. With dependable instructors, will provide assurance of safety and.

Tanjung Benoa is a popular Bali purpose for various marine recreational activities. Bali Driver service invites you to here should be in the morning, so that sea water is not receding. Further along Jalan Pratama you will find water sports businesses of every size and stream. Most of these operators use certified equipment as well as professionally trained instructors and many provide insurance.



Bargaining is not common but it can happen and you are in line for discounts if you bring along a group of people or choose several activities in one go. Make sure you book previously as things get crowded during school holidays, and start early in the morning. Spa come second in terms of what to do in Tanjung Benoa. Cooking courses and a trip to a seafood market can also be interesting options. Bali Driver Info await your presence in Tanjung Benoa Nusa Dua.




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